h_651 Totnes, Holy Trinity, or Holy Trinity, Warland

House Totnes, Holy Trinity, or Holy Trinity, Warland
County Devon
Order Trinitarian brothers
Type priory
Sex male
Cell of
Brief history Priory of Trinitarian brothers, founded in 1271 by Walter and Agatha le Bon and Walter Bronescombe, bishop of Exeter. By 1378, if not earlier, the priory's chapel was served by a priest appointed by the prior of the house of Trinitarians in Hounslow (Mdx.). It is in some doubt as to whether it functioned as a priory; in 1508-9 it was referred to as both a hospital and a chapel. It was dissolved in 1509, when its estates were transferred by Bishop Hugh Oldham to the vicars choral of Exeter cathedral.
Start year 1271
Start year modifier in
End year 1509
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